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Mark J. Grygiel


Notary services

Even though there is no official Notary Public in Thailand, we can still assist clients with this service. We advise our clients to inform the related party that there is no official Notary Public in Thailand, and recommend that they ask the party whether or not they will accept a document that is authenticated by a reputable licensed Thai lawyer instead of an official Notary Public. In most cases, if such document or transaction is created in the private sector, it will be accepted; however, if such document is to be presented to an official agency in another country, we advise them that, after the document is authenticated here in Thailand, it should then be re-authenticated by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or by the embassy of the county in which the document will be presented.

Our notary services that are performed by our Notarial Services Attorney, who is licensed by the Law Society of Thailand, include:

  • authentication/certification of the execution of documents required for international use;
  • witnessing contracts and other document transfers;
  • verification of documents related to property and business contracts and acquisitions;
  • certification of translations, including sponsorship declarations;
  • authentication of deeds;
  • Notarial certifications;
  • power of attorney;
  • authentication of signatures and other identification documents such as passports; and
  • legalization of documents.